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Algernon “Everybody Stay Calm” live in Baltimore

Here is a video (1 of 3 which I’ll be posting over the next few days) of Algernon playing “Everybody Stay Calm” from Ghost Surveillance at the Orion in Baltimore, MD:

The video was beautifully shot by Fred Showacre from Red Button (yes, that’s right ;)) Productions.

The gig at Orion was, for many reasons, one of the best stops of the tour.  Cuneiform’s offices are just outside of town, so there was a big label presence.  Everyone who works there is extremely kind (thanks Steve, Joyce, Javier, and interns whose names escape me right now!).  Mike (who mixed sound on the video), sound engineer at Orion and also all around cool dude, was there to meet us for soundcheck with a fridge full of all kinds of incredible beers!

Orion Sound Studios has a really special thing going on–in addition to being a rehearsal space and recording studio, they have a live music series every saturday that has a devoted fanbase.  Many people had heard our music before and were very excited to have us there.  Did I mention that everyone brings food as well?  It was just one of those gigs where you feel extremely welcomed and appreciated.  Ergo, from Brooklyn, played a strangely beautiful set to open up the evening.  Algernon did about 3 or 4 shows on the tour with Ergo and they were some of the best nights!  Those guys are great fun and wonderful musicians.  Can’t say enough good things…

Algernon’s set went nicely, as we were already five dates into the tour, so the music we evolving very organically by this point.

After the gig we did some customary hanging, this time to unsuccessfully attempt to finish all the delicious microbrews in the fridge.  We spent the night (very comfortably, I might add) at Steve and Joyce’s from Cuneiform and woke up the next morning to a freshly cooked breakfast, coffee, and OJ (the best feeling when on the road!).  And, oh yeah, we didn’t have a gig that day and were just going to spend it in Philly with our good friend and fantastic flautist, Jenny Swanson.  However, Steve received a call that morning from the organizer of the Silver Spring, MD Amnesty International Festival begging Steve to find a band to fill the recently vacant afternoon slot.  Steve’s response: “As a matter of fact, I have a band drinking coffee in my living room as we speak!”  Hooray for unexpected gigs on days off.  The festival was actually taking place only a mile away from Steve’s house.

We left Maryland with smiling faces and headed up the east coast.  It is those unexpected beautiful experiences that redeem all the harshness the road can sometimes bring.


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