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Horse-Fire releases Plume!

Jake Vinsel’s Horse-Fire debut album is out!  It’s called “Plume” and is available to stream or buy (name your price!) on Bandcamp.  The band features Jake (bass, piano, compositions), Nick Mazzarella (alto sax), Tim Daisy (drums/percussion), and Dave Miller (guitar).

Plume by Horse-Fire

The album was engineered and mixed by Nick Broste.  I’ve worked with Nick a handful of times and he’s really great!  He’s also a fantastic trombonist.  Check him out!

It was also nice to finally record at Shape Shoppe, which was started by Griffin Rodriguez of Icy Demons, one of my favorite Chicago bands.

Jake and I go way back to our college days at Northern Illinois University and have stayed close friends and musical associates ever since.  I love that guy!  Soon after I moved to Chicago, Jake and I started a trio with the great Tim Daisy.  It’s gone through many iterations and has taken us all the way to Poland!  I’m really glad we’re all still making music.  Nick Mazzarella is a saxophonist I’ve admired for some time now and I’m happy we finally got the chance to make some music.

So – check this album out!!!  Thanks for your time and support!


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