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W.W. Lowman video from Marseille, FR

one of the best shows of the tour.


The best crepes ever…

West Country Girl

W.W. Lowman tour post I

Signing in from Paris.  We play tonight at Espace B.  We’re staying above a fantastic creperie/oyster bar  called West Country Girl.  It’s about time for lunch ;).  We had an incredible show in Wanquetin on Sunday.  Nobody outside of this town knows where the hell it is because it’s so small.  Nevertheless, it’s awesome!  We were a few kilometers west of Arras, in the north of France near the Belgium border.  Our hosts there were wonderful.  They put on ambient/drone shows in their house (Which has a stage and a PA) all the time and have excellent taste in music, food, and alcohol.  This type of show is exactly what’s needed in the midst of all the hectic traveling and stress that an international tour can bring.  The audience was fantastic and really appreciated the music.  After the show, they cooked food for everyone there and stocked the fridge full of the best Belgian beer.



We don’t have a GPS, so we are going old school with a map (imagine that!) and have been pulling a lot of U-turns.

Our sleeping accommodations on this tour are mostly in peoples’ houses, which I believe we all prefer as long as it’s not too messy.  The reason being that we actually are able to interact with the locals much more and really obtain a feel for the culture.

Our first show was in Rennes at La Bascule was a great way to start the tour.  We’ve played here before and we love it.  The owner is a super cool, old school French bad ass and plays free jazz all day long.  He also always makes us a great dinner, and this time around was no exception.  It was nice to see our friends, Jeff and Hayley, who opened up for us, and meet some new ones – Eva, Cristoph, Clementine, and Octavia.

Bill, Tony, Dave, Cristoph, and Eva in front of La Bascule in Rennes, Fr.

The next day, we drove to Reims, in the Champagne region, and played a nice show at the Cultural Center there.  Also on the bill was a kick ass ‘jazz core’ band from Paris called DDJ.  Make sure you check them out.  While in Reims, we visited the Notre Dame cathedral there which was simply breathtaking.  After the show, we went to a party at a squat where we chatted with some locals and danced to a great dubstep DJ.

Notre Dame in Reims

the inside of Notre Dame in Reims, Fr.

Champagne in Champagne, we gangsta

Champagne in Champagne, we gangsta

the band in Reims, FR

the house in Wanquetin and Tony lugging gear.

I love playing music in Europe!  This is when it feels really good to be a musician.  I’ll post again soon.

Oh yeah, we have a new friend here in Wantequin – the local donkey!

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