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Chicago happenings this week!

Hey all,

I’m in my hometown, Chicago, doing some great things this week. First and foremost, I’ve been recording an amazing project with Ted Sirota’s Heavyweight Dub. The album is being engineered/produced by the one and only, legendary dub reggae producer, The Scientist! It’s been fantastic so far. Overton is really down to earth and has a great vibe. And the recordings are already sounding exquisite. Tomorrow, he’ll start the two day mixing process, where the real magic happens in dub music, of course! Big ups to the other musicians involved, as well!

Overton Brown (aka The Scientist)

I’ll also be playing at Andy’s Jazz Club on Thursday night with the Josh Johnson 5tet featuring Marquis Hill, Matt Ulery, and Jeremy Cunningham. Friday I’ll be playing at The Lighthouse in Rogers Park with WW Lowman. The great Makaya McCraven will be manning the drum chair that night. Lastly, Saturday night, I’ll be playing with Ted Sirota’s Heavyweight Dub and The Scientist at Martyrs’ to celebrate completion of the record!

I also made a little detour to my old see my buddy, John Perona and record an installment of his YouTube music video series, “Tuesdays with Gary.” Look for that later tonight on Facebook!

If you’re in town, I hope to see you! Thanks for the support, as always.


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One thought on “Chicago happenings this week!

  1. Dwight A. Nielsen on said:

    Dave Miller – Oh My Gosh!

    How can I ever thank you enough for the Fall Concert held in the home of Pat and Carl with the ever stunning and equally accomplished Tracy Cantin. I just must tell you that when I left with my best friend in this life and we began to drive toward my home in Wheaton – we were spell bound. Words just failed us so we, and I kid you not, we both just wept and wept with tears of such joy and elation I have never ever known!! You and Tracy are superb and stunning and breathtaking!! Dave – let’s now talk – how you tell a story or spin a yarn as some might say is so inviting and tantalizing, I think I could repeat every word about the guitar in your hand and all that you both had been thru!!!! It was riveting in the most believable way imaginable.

    Now if I may introduce myself. I grew up in Atherton and Walnut Creek California and as such I was a frequent guest of all the San Francisco Opera House had to offer any us plus what Stanford University and UC Berkeley. I was often there at those performance held with my mother and her best friend, Mrs Shirley Temple Black. I just and must say, your performance David with Tracy – well it topped anything I know in my 60 years of living!!!!!!

    Thank you so much for your candor, your gift of honesty and relatabilty and for the stellar, just stellar and yes I said stellar performance with Tracy!!!

    Your music selection was priceless and well your skill set and talent, it reminded me of candidates performing for the Van Cliburn awards/scholarships – that I so graciously sat and listened through.

    Your gifts are perhaps not grasped by all whom you perform in front of but I got it and thank you from the bottom of my heart for a performance that is # 1 in my life experiences!!

    And just so that you might know I do say this with some authority having myself performed in front of the King and Queen of Sweden and Norway and the Queen of Denmark while also working a performance in a wedding in Notre Dame in Paris – all of which were highlights of my life – especially when the King of Sweden who requested a command performance for only he and our Queen the following night – just the two of them in the palace – a night I will never forget!!

    Thanks for bringing me back to such stellar and incomparable quality of music and person!!!

    You and Tracy David are without compare!!

    I can’t wait for your next performance and anything you two might record!

    All my best and thanking God for you both!!

    Dwight A. Nielsen


    One Wheaton Center # 1002
    Wheaton, Illinois 60187

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