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What’s on the horizon for 2014, you ask? New EPs, LPs, etc.

Woah, it’s been a minute…

OK, contrary to what my blog’s activity might suggest, I haven’t been in complete hibernation in my new apartment in south Brooklyn. Oh wait, I kind of have, but the product of attempting to avoid the crazy and expensive reality that is New York City is something really cool. More on that in a minute…

First – awesome things about 2013:

I traveled for music a lot this year. In february, I did a week-long residency in Marseille, France with Bill Lowman, Cory Healey, and Stephane Milochevitch where we wrote and recorded a new album. I also played some great gigs around the country with Hot Club of Detroit. These guys are awesome musicians and even better dudes – check them out.

I wrote a brand new book of music for a new trio I formed with Shawn Conley (bass) and Shawn Baltazor (drums). We’ve already played a couple of gigs, and I’m really excited about this! More gigs to come. See below.

There were many other unexpected and crazy twists and turns in 2013, but let’s move forward…

Here’s what I’m excited about for 2014:

I’ll be releasing a new EP of all electronic music. For much of the latter part of this year, I actually have been hibernating in my bedroom, staring at a computer screen…listening to the same songs over and over…and over again. I’m collaborating with Tom Perona, of Algernon, and I’m extremely excited about the results! We’ll be putting the finishing touches and mixing the record at James Scott’s Populist Recording in Wheaton, IL over christmas.

The album we recorded in Marseille will be released early in the new year, as well, on Arbouse Recordings digitally and through a short run of LPs. The making of this album was such a great experience and I can’t wait to get it out into the world to see what you all think.

The next gig for my trio will be fun fun fun – we’ll be playing on 1/23 at LaunchPad in Crown Heights, Brooklyn with our special guest, guitarist Will Graefe, joining us for the set. If you haven’t heard Will, you should! His band, Star Rover, is one of my favorites right now, and he also has a great new solo guitar release.

Well, I’m probably missing some other stuff to be excited about. Maybe I’ll just add it in the comments section. Anyways, thanks for stopping by, and make sure to enjoy yourselves this holiday season. See you in the new year!


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