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Solo Performance at Foxhall Studios 12/


Hey friends, I’m SO¬†excited to announce that I’ll be playing a solo concert at Foxhall Studios in Logan Square (Chicago) on 12/4! The music will consist of mostly original material from my forthcoming¬†full band record, Old Door Phantoms, with a few surprises thrown in. To attend the concert, RSVP is required at serlahc@gmail.com.

The image above was created by my new friend, Wes Douglas. He sketched this while I was playing with Chris Weller’s Open Forum Project at Fulton Street Collective for their Jazz Occurrence series. It was a powerful night – the night of the terrorist attacks in Paris – and we (Weller, Russ Johnson, Albert Wildeman, Marcus Evans, and me) improvised for two sets while many of the audience members did live painting. Community. It was great.


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