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Lonesome Limos s/t debut EP is out today and it’s FREE!

get it HERE.

or HERE.

Lonesome Limos Final

Lonesome Limos is the new, psychedelic electro hip hop project of frequent collaborators Dave Miller (Brooklyn) and Tom Perona (Chicago). Among other bands they participated in together, Dave and Tom were the founding members of experimental rock band, Algernon (Cuneiform Records, ears&eyes Records). After Algernon went on hiatus, Dave and Tom once again decided to collaborate, this time sculpting beats, samples, and sounds from October to December of 2013. While retaining much of the experimentalism, eclecticism, and memorable melodicism of Algernon, Lonesome Limos is decidedly more beat-driven, danceable, and concise. The music is ripe with excitement and enthusiasm, and takes the listener through many unexpected shifts in texture. Influences include Madlib, Four Tet, Talking Heads, Parliament/Funkadelic, Q Tip, LCD Soundsystem, Daphni, Flying Lotus, Boards of Canada, and J Dilla. Put Lonesome Limos on at your next house party and get on the dance floor.

Produced by Dave Miller and Tom Perona

James Scott/Shauna Regan – extra snaps and claps

Mixed and mastered by James Scott at Populist Recording.

What’s on the horizon for 2014, you ask? New EPs, LPs, etc.

Woah, it’s been a minute…

OK, contrary to what my blog’s activity might suggest, I haven’t been in complete hibernation in my new apartment in south Brooklyn. Oh wait, I kind of have, but the product of attempting to avoid the crazy and expensive reality that is New York City is something really cool. More on that in a minute…

First – awesome things about 2013:

I traveled for music a lot this year. In february, I did a week-long residency in Marseille, France with Bill Lowman, Cory Healey, and Stephane Milochevitch where we wrote and recorded a new album. I also played some great gigs around the country with Hot Club of Detroit. These guys are awesome musicians and even better dudes – check them out.

I wrote a brand new book of music for a new trio I formed with Shawn Conley (bass) and Shawn Baltazor (drums). We’ve already played a couple of gigs, and I’m really excited about this! More gigs to come. See below.

There were many other unexpected and crazy twists and turns in 2013, but let’s move forward…

Here’s what I’m excited about for 2014:

I’ll be releasing a new EP of all electronic music. For much of the latter part of this year, I actually have been hibernating in my bedroom, staring at a computer screen…listening to the same songs over and over…and over again. I’m collaborating with Tom Perona, of Algernon, and I’m extremely excited about the results! We’ll be putting the finishing touches and mixing the record at James Scott’s Populist Recording in Wheaton, IL over christmas.

The album we recorded in Marseille will be released early in the new year, as well, on Arbouse Recordings digitally and through a short run of LPs. The making of this album was such a great experience and I can’t wait to get it out into the world to see what you all think.

The next gig for my trio will be fun fun fun – we’ll be playing on 1/23 at LaunchPad in Crown Heights, Brooklyn with our special guest, guitarist Will Graefe, joining us for the set. If you haven’t heard Will, you should! His band, Star Rover, is one of my favorites right now, and he also has a great new solo guitar release.

Well, I’m probably missing some other stuff to be excited about. Maybe I’ll just add it in the comments section. Anyways, thanks for stopping by, and make sure to enjoy yourselves this holiday season. See you in the new year!

W.W. Lowman + Thousand record new album in FR/Chicago, I’m coming for you/Patricia Barber dates/V Day cupcakes

I just arrived back in Brooklyn from a week of writing/recording a new album in Marseille, FR with my brothers, W.W. Lowman and Thousand. It was quite an amazing trip and I can’t say enough good things about the residency program we participated in at Montevideo. The staff there are just genuinely good people and took care of us, and everything we needed for the duration of our stay. As a result, all we had to worry about was making music, which is so rare in grown-up life. In the end, we wrote seven really solid songs from scratch, recorded them, and played a sold out show at the end of the week. And, of course, we had some amazing food and wine along the way! Oh yeah, and lots of Pastis. It was truly inspiring experience and I feel incredibly lucky to have been a part of it. Thank you, Montevideo and W.W, Lowman!


Bill and I trying out our new wine koozies



View from our balcony


the band!


Milo soaking it all in right in front of our pad. The recording studio/bar/venue is in the building directly to the right of the frame. Very convenient :).




One of the many beautiful churches in Marseille.

Looking ahead, I’m really excited about getting back together with John Tate (bass) and Devin Drobka (drums) for a midwestern tour in a few weeks. Here’s the dates:

3/18–Skylark (Chicago)

3/19–Bar DeVille (Chicago)

3/20–914 New Music Festival (914 N. California) (Chicago)

3/21–The Jazz Estate (Milwaukee)

3/22–Tonic Tavern (Milwaukee)

3/23–The Fountain (Madison, WI)

I’ve really missed playing with Devin since he relocated to his native city of Milwaukee, so this is going to be special!

Looking farther ahead, I’ll be touring with Patricia Barber in May and June in North America and Europe. Click on her name for specific dates. I, for one, am very excited about Portugal and Norway! I’ll be touring with Ms. Barber through the duration of 2013, so keep checking back for updates.

In the middle of all this, there are a handful of scattered NYC/Brooklyn dates that I’m very much looking forward to with Swimmer and the Lena Bloch 4tet. Music music music!

Oh yeah, and I thought I’d be festive for Valentine’s Day, so I made these chocolate/cinnamon/coffee cupcake with Nutella buttercream frosting!


Young Guitarists Make Good

I was recently sent some music by former guitar students that I’d like to share with you all.

PRCHER PRCHER – featuring my old student, Andrew Clinkman.  Awesome avant improv weirdness.  Andrew’s attending the New England Conservatory right now and studying under heavies like Joe Morris and Anthony Coleman.  Go Andrew!  This band also features Danny Van Duerm, an excellent pianist, who I’ve known since I was a kid in Wheaton.

Brownie Mountain – featuring my old student, Logan Bloom.  Very well done math rock.  Logan is studying at Indiana University Bloomington.  These guys are starting to play a lot around Chicago, so make sure to watch out for them.  I believe they’re also coming out to tour the east coast soon!

These guys are both killing it and I’m really proud of them.  Check ’em out!

new solo guitar track, “Doorway”

A solo guitar improvisation outtake taken from the Spam Filter, Your Life, Life-Teeming sessions.  Enjoy!

Out of Your Head and Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

Hey there all you jazz/baking fans,

After recently arriving back in NYC from a month touring in Europe, I decided to get back into my baking spree Sunday night.  The occasion?  Adam Hopkins’ wonderful new improv series, Out of Your Head.

The idea for Out of Your Head  is to get jazz/improv musicians together in random/new/different combinations, set them loose on stage, and see what happens.  Adam’s series already had a well-established  home in Baltimore before he recently relocated here in Brooklyn.  There’s been a fantastic response here already in a short few months.  The series happens every other sunday at Freddy’s Bar in the south end of Park Slope.

I participated in the second set this past Sunday and thought I’d celebrate by making a quick couple dozen of some of my favorite cupcakes – Snickerdoodle with Cinnamon Buttercream frosting!


Both sets were fantastic.

Set I:

Jonah Parzen-Johnson-reeds
Kenny Warren-trumpet
Ryan Mackstaller-guitar
Noah Garabedian-bass
Devin Drobka-drums

Set II:

Jake Henry-trumpet
Danny Gouker-trumpet
Dave Miller-guitar
Matt Rousseau-drums


Jake Henry, ceremoniously being fed a Snickerdoodle cupcake by fellow trumpeter/badass, Kenny Warren.

That's Adam Hopkins, the brains behind Out of Your Head, in the background, also enjoying the Doodle.


W.W. Lowman tour post I

Signing in from Paris.  We play tonight at Espace B.  We’re staying above a fantastic creperie/oyster bar  called West Country Girl.  It’s about time for lunch ;).  We had an incredible show in Wanquetin on Sunday.  Nobody outside of this town knows where the hell it is because it’s so small.  Nevertheless, it’s awesome!  We were a few kilometers west of Arras, in the north of France near the Belgium border.  Our hosts there were wonderful.  They put on ambient/drone shows in their house (Which has a stage and a PA) all the time and have excellent taste in music, food, and alcohol.  This type of show is exactly what’s needed in the midst of all the hectic traveling and stress that an international tour can bring.  The audience was fantastic and really appreciated the music.  After the show, they cooked food for everyone there and stocked the fridge full of the best Belgian beer.



We don’t have a GPS, so we are going old school with a map (imagine that!) and have been pulling a lot of U-turns.

Our sleeping accommodations on this tour are mostly in peoples’ houses, which I believe we all prefer as long as it’s not too messy.  The reason being that we actually are able to interact with the locals much more and really obtain a feel for the culture.

Our first show was in Rennes at La Bascule was a great way to start the tour.  We’ve played here before and we love it.  The owner is a super cool, old school French bad ass and plays free jazz all day long.  He also always makes us a great dinner, and this time around was no exception.  It was nice to see our friends, Jeff and Hayley, who opened up for us, and meet some new ones – Eva, Cristoph, Clementine, and Octavia.

Bill, Tony, Dave, Cristoph, and Eva in front of La Bascule in Rennes, Fr.

The next day, we drove to Reims, in the Champagne region, and played a nice show at the Cultural Center there.  Also on the bill was a kick ass ‘jazz core’ band from Paris called DDJ.  Make sure you check them out.  While in Reims, we visited the Notre Dame cathedral there which was simply breathtaking.  After the show, we went to a party at a squat where we chatted with some locals and danced to a great dubstep DJ.

Notre Dame in Reims

the inside of Notre Dame in Reims, Fr.

Champagne in Champagne, we gangsta

Champagne in Champagne, we gangsta

the band in Reims, FR

the house in Wanquetin and Tony lugging gear.

I love playing music in Europe!  This is when it feels really good to be a musician.  I’ll post again soon.

Oh yeah, we have a new friend here in Wantequin – the local donkey!

Horse-Fire releases Plume!

Jake Vinsel’s Horse-Fire debut album is out!  It’s called “Plume” and is available to stream or buy (name your price!) on Bandcamp.  The band features Jake (bass, piano, compositions), Nick Mazzarella (alto sax), Tim Daisy (drums/percussion), and Dave Miller (guitar).

Plume by Horse-Fire

The album was engineered and mixed by Nick Broste.  I’ve worked with Nick a handful of times and he’s really great!  He’s also a fantastic trombonist.  Check him out!

It was also nice to finally record at Shape Shoppe, which was started by Griffin Rodriguez of Icy Demons, one of my favorite Chicago bands.

Jake and I go way back to our college days at Northern Illinois University and have stayed close friends and musical associates ever since.  I love that guy!  Soon after I moved to Chicago, Jake and I started a trio with the great Tim Daisy.  It’s gone through many iterations and has taken us all the way to Poland!  I’m really glad we’re all still making music.  Nick Mazzarella is a saxophonist I’ve admired for some time now and I’m happy we finally got the chance to make some music.

So – check this album out!!!  Thanks for your time and support!

The Tears of Music and Love @ Empty Bottle tmrw night (12/23) – PREVIEW IN CHICAGO TRIBUNE!

Check it HERE.

Upcoming Chicago Performances

Hey there,

going back to Chicago tomorrow for some concerts I’m really excited about.  Hope to see you!

9/19–Jim Gailloreto Quartet @ Smoke Daddy (Chicago)

9/20–Spilter @ The Whistler  (Chicago)

9/21-24–Geof Bradfield’s African Flowers @ Hyde Park Jazz Festival  (Chicago)

9/23–Hood Smoke @ Tonic Room (IV Lab Studios showcase, Chicago)

9/26–New Fracture Trio @ The Skylark  (Chicago)

9/28–Bryan Doherty Quartet @ The Whistler

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