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Algernon “Ghost Surveillance” unreleased tracks now released on Bandcamp!

Algernon’s “Ghost Surveillance” (Cuneiform Records, 2010) was recorded at Steve Albini’s famed Electrical Audio recording studio by Manny Sanchez. These are a couple of the songs from the sessions that we still love, but didn’t make the final cut for the album. Enjoy!


Stream/pay what you want for Algernon’s first two albums and a whole lot more!

I’m excited to announce that I have just launched my personal Bandcamp page.  Here you’ll find my experimental rock band, Algernon’s, first two albums available to stream/pay what you want.  In addition, there are albums available from these other projects I’m a part of: Spam Filter, Swimmer, Jake Vinsel’s Horse-Fire, John Londay, Caroline Davis/Dave Miller duo, and a new solo track I just released.

I hope you enjoy the music.  New cupcakes coming soon!

new solo guitar track, “Doorway”

A solo guitar improvisation outtake taken from the Spam Filter, Your Life, Life-Teeming sessions.  Enjoy!

Lena Bloch 4tet Kickstarter

Here’s a link to a Kickstarter campaign for an album that I’ll be playing on:

Lena Bloch 4tet Kickstarter

It should be a great album.  I’m excited that the rhythm section will be Cameron Brown (bass) and Billy Mintz (drums).  Both are musicians that I’ve been listening to and admiring for many years now and it will be an honor to play with them.

If you feel like supporting a good cause, go for it!  Thanks!

New solo guitar track

Here is a solo guitar track which opens up the new Spam Filter album, “Your Life, Life-Teeming.”  Home-Woven Torpedo Director

Stream the whole album.

Hope you enjoy.  Let me know what you think!

Spam Filter releases “Your Life, Life-Teeming”



I’m proud to announce that Spam Filter (Ben Boye – keys, Quin Kirchner – drums, DM – guitar/synth) has released its debut full length, Your Life, Life-Teeming.  You can find it on Bandcamp:

Your Life, Life-Teeming

Stream it for free and pay what you want to buy.

We had a wonderful release show at the latest installment of the House Party Starting series in Chicago.


W.W. Lowman video from Marseille, FR

one of the best shows of the tour.

The best crepes ever…

West Country Girl

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