Dave Miller: Guitarist

Creator of music & baker of goods…


Find some of my music on my Bandcamp site and my Soundcloud site.

Crystal Fish Club – Regan, 1998, out of print

Time and Again – Regan, 2000, out of print

All the Fixins – Davemillergroup, 2003, cds available–email diller2001@yahoo.com

Charlie Changed His Mind – Algernon, 2004 (Ball of Knowledge Records)

Hearth – The Morningsides, 2005 (Ball of Knowledge Records)

Magnetic Flux – Zing!, 2007 (ears&eyes Records)

Familiar Espionage – Algernon, 2007 (ears&eyes Records)

1000 Lights – Tim Daisy’s New Fracture Quartet, 2008 (Multi Kulti Records)

The Epidemic of Ideas – blink., 2008 (Thirsty Ear Records)

Songs from the Salter Hymnal – Dean Windemuller and Dave Miller, 2008

Return is Selective – Silences Sumire, 2008 (Ropeadope Records)

Map to the OceanKaleidoscope Trio, 2008 (The Jazz Exchange)

Family Portrait – Johnny Perona and the Faque Brothers, 2008

Noise Relief – Algernon, 2008 (compilation)

Rock the Net – blink., 2008 (Thirsty Ear Records compilation)

Seize the Time – Ted Sirota’s Rebel Souls, 2009 (Naim Records)

Lexicon – John Wojciechowski Quintet, 2009

s/t – Balkano, 2009

Ghost Surveillance – Algernon, 2010 (Cuneiform Records)

Symphony Improvisé – Gunnelpumpers, 2010

s/t – Swimmer, 2011

Guilty Rainbow – Roommate, 2011 (Antephonic)

The Architects – blink., 2011 (Whistler Records)

Today, Two Days from Now, or YesterdayCaroline Davis/Dave Miller, 2011

Too Young to Die – John Londay, 2011

Time Well Spent – Davenport Ed, 2011

Various Artists–Year One: The Festival – Algernon, 2011 (Whistler Records compilation)

Kumquat May – W. W. Lowman, 2011 (Atavistic)

Plume – Jake Vinsel’s Horse Fire, 2012

Aspects – Kevin Kizer Quintet, 2012 (BluJazz)

Your Life, Life-Teeming – Spilter, 2012

Laid Up in Ordinary – Hood Smoke, 2012 (Origin)

The Scientist Meets Ted Sirota’s Heavyweight Dub – Heavyweight Dub, 2013

Feathery – Lena Bloch, 2014

Lonesome Limos – s/t, 2014

Synoptic Optiks – Gaps and Spaces , 2015


Dave Miller – new record with Ben Boye/Matt Ulery/Quin Kirchner


Off Tropik

Justin Dillard’s DO3O


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