Dave Miller: Guitarist

Creator of music & baker of goods…


W.W. Lowman – “Rasperate” (excerpt) live at Montevideo, Marseille, FR, 3/16/12

Algernon – “Don’t Press the Red Button” live at Wicker Well, 4/15/10

Trio w/ Dennis Carroll and Dana Hall – “Alley” live at Strobe Sessions, 12/9/10

blink. – “Protect From Light” live at Cafe Wilhemina, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 12/13/10

blink. – “Rivers and Tides” live in St. Louis, 2009

Zing! – “Bad Out” live in Hutchinson, KS, 9/21/09

Musicians Life in Chicago – documentary by Jason Shah, fall 2009

Interview with Brad Walseth (jazzchicago.net) at the 2010 Chicago Jazz Festival


One thought on “Video

  1. Hi Dave,

    My name is Dustin Adams. I saw you play with Zing! at The 806 in Amarillo, TX a few years ago. Hit me up, I’d like to ask you a couple of guitar related questions if you don’t mind.


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